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Teeth Whitening: My experience in a professional clinic

Since starting out in the Fashion Industry I’ve been interviewed and photographed for various publications. While I come across as confident and happy in these interviews, often I feel very insecure while filming or having my photo taken. This is generally down to how I feel about my teeth and I worry about drawing too much attention to them. I have always had discolouration with my teeth, which can be attributed to a lifetime of medications for ill health and my unhealthy addiction to Coke Zero.

Over the last few months I have been researching different technicians in Christchurch that offer whitening services. My goal was to find a clinic that I felt comfortable with and most importantly that I could trust. I have seen many influencers worldwide promote home whitening kits and also some Christchurch influencers talking about professional clinics locally. While I have seen some relatively good results through photographs I wanted to have an experience that was completely unbiased to give regular people (like myself) a trustworthy review.

After all my research, I found the SparkleWhite Teeth clinic here in Christchurch. They’ve been around since 2009 and have seen the teeth whitening industry adapt and grow with new technology over the years. The reviews I found online weren’t pushed by influencers and instead I found reviews from people who come from all different walks of life. They gave glowing reviews about their experience with the treatment and with the owner Charmaine. It was an easy decision to choose SparkleWhite given their experience and track record.


Because I have been unwell most of my life, I’ve been on and off different medications and antibiotics. I had been told somewhere along the line that this can contribute to staining. I also knew that my teeth had sustained a lot more discolouration since I began studying Fashion and consuming Coke Zero as my daily ‘treat.’ (Side note: This is not healthy and I don’t encourage drinking excessive amounts of anything, except water.) I went into this experience not expecting immediate results, so prepared myself for the fact that it may not work for me.

The Process

Once I had decided I was comfortable booking with SparkleWhite I came across a GrabOne voucher. There were three options for the voucher at different price points. I originally purchased the $149 voucher then asked if it was possible to pay the difference should I need a more extensive treatment, I was told that this was acceptable and I could decide upon my consult.

$99 for a 45-Minute Appointment incl. Consult, 30-Minute Freshen-Up Only Staining Treatment (If you have had teeth whitening in the last year)

$149 for a 75-Minute Appointment incl. Consult, 45-Minute Medium Staining Treatment (If you have light coloured teeth already)

$199 for a 90-Minute Appointment incl.Consult, Initial 60-Minute Medium-Heavy Staining Treatment (If you regularly consume tea, coffee, berries, veges etc or smoke)

Once I arrived I was warmly welcomed by Charmaine, Owner and Technician of SparkleWhite. Immediately any fears I had about having my teeth whitened disappeared and I trusted that I was in very capable hands. When my appointment began, it started with a colour match where we found what shades my upper and lower teeth were- as well as my eyeteeth. Charmaine talked to me how I felt about my teeth and asked what my expectations were. I spoke about the medications I have taken throughout my life and my love of Coke Zero. I explained that I wasn’t expecting a miracle but that I felt any shade lighter than my current shade would be far better than what I already had. Because of the colour match and what we determined the shades my teeth were, we felt that it would be best I upgraded to the 60-minute treatment for an extra $50.

I felt comfortable paying the extra, as I was already investing money into my teeth. I felt that if I didn’t upgrade and have a longer treatment using the whitening gel under the LED light, then if i didn’t get any shades lighter it would be because of my own doing. I was now at $200 for this treatment which in comparison to other clinics was already more affordable in my eyes. My commitment to this experience was also giving up Coke Zero and I can proudly say it’s been over almost two months since I’ve had any Coke- with NO signs of looking back! The whitening process itself was easy. You get comfortable on the treatment bed, have the formula applied while Charmaine talks you through the process and explains how everything should feel. Once the light has been applied then you have the rest of your treatment time to sit back and relax. Use it as a time to catch up on all those emails or use it as a chance to have a much needed nap! The clinic is comfortable, clean and relaxing.

Final Thoughts

My upper and lower teeth whitened a total of 8 shades and my eye-teeth whitened a total of 5! This was a huge improvement from what I had come in with and I walked away already feeling much more confident than I had before. I was excited to get home so I could tell everyone about my experience and to have a good look through my lipstick collection that I had abandoned for so long! It’s been almost 2 months since I had my treatment and I continue to top up regularly with my at home kit.

I’m patiently (alright, not patiently) awaiting my next in clinic appointment in another few months. I would highly recommend the SparkleWhite Teeth clinic and their services. Please let me know if you decide to book in! I am incredibly passionate about sharing my thoughts on products and services, but especially love knowing how other people find them too.

DISCLAIMER: While this post is not sponsored and I was not asked to share any of my thoughts by SparkleWhite, if you mention upon booking that you were 'referred' by me- I will get $20 off my next treatment.

Note: I have followed up to see if they’re still honouring GrabOne vouchers, which they are. You can find the link below.


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